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Extension Agent Sarah Malone

Sarah Ferrell
Extension Agent III
Phone: (615) 563-2554
Email: sferrell@tennessee.edu

September 2019 – State Fair
Grades 9th – 12th

Good consumer skills can help you get more for your money. Consumer Decision Making gives youth the opportunity to make wise decisions when shopping. Consumer Decision Making is a judging contest designed to teach kids to observe, compare and make consumer based decisions based on facts. 4-Hers use their consumer knowledge to rank similarly based products to fit a given scenario. Kids learn to organize their thoughts and to defend their decisions in oral reasons.

Medical Authorization Form – 600A

April 2019 MTSU

Jr. Teams – Grades 4th & 5th
Jr. High Teams – Grades 6th – 8th
Sr. High Teams – Grades 9th – 12th

Livestock Judging teaches criteria based on breeding characteristics and market standards.  4-Her’s will learn to judge market and breeding sheep, swine, cattle, and sometimes goats.

Livestock Judging Resource List
Livestock Judging Training PowerPoint
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August 2019

Jr. Teams – N/A
Jr. High Teams – Grades 6th – 8th
Sr. High Teams – Grades 9th – 12th

The outdoor meat cookery competition is a team that consists of 4 members in which each student prepares one of the following meats for judging: beef, lamb, pork, and poultry. Judging is based upon grilling, taste, and presentation.

Outdoor Meat Cookery Guidelines
Outdoor Meat Cookery – Individual Scorecard
Outdoor Meat Cookery – Team Platter Presentation
Outdoor Meat Cookery PowerPoint

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September 2019

Jr. Teams – 4th & 5th
Jr. High Teams – Grades 6th – 8th
Sr. High Teams – Grades 9th – 12th

Poultry Judging participants learn USDA standards in grading ready-to-cook poultry and eggs.

Poultry Judging – Dressed Market
Poultry Judging – Egg Candling
Poultry Judging – Exterior Quality Eggs
Poultry Judging – Parts ID
Poultry Judging – Placing Card
Poultry Judging – Broken Out Eggs
Poultry Slides
Poultry Judging Publication

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September 2019 – State Fair
Grades – 6th – 8th

LifeSkills is a program for Junior High youth enrolled in 4-H. The LifeSkills regional judging activity consists of centers that incorporate various subjects in Family and Consumer Sciences.

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Regional Clover Bowl Contest – 4th – 8th Grades
May 2019

The purpose of the Clover Bowl is to acquaint 4-H members with themselves and their surroundings through participating in an enjoyable and educational program. In addition to this main purpose, it is hoped that this program will help participants develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills.  Questions will be in the areas of 4-H, Tennessee (History, Geography, and Government), Agriculture and Family and Consumer Sciences.

Clover Bowl Contest Information

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September 2019
Jr. Teams – N/A
Jr. High Teams – Grades 5th – 7th
Sr. High Teams – 8th – 11th

Land judging is a program that can help you learn about soil and protecting and conserving land, water, and the environment.

Land Judging Guide
Land Judging Scorecard
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